Lesmana Rian Andhika


Public goods no longer were defined theoretically, public goods should be enjoyed by the public for free. This research article would like to give an overview of the management of public goods not only provided by the Government but the private sector also can perform its functions to produce public goods. The phenomenon occurs, the public good has been privatized, the game monopoly and cartels a threat and could increase poverty. The specific purpose of this research focuses on the management of public goods reviewed from the aspect of public policy which comes from a variety of scientific literature. The method in this research article systematic reviews technique, trying to identify all the written evidence exists regarding research themes. The results of this study revealed that the management of public goods cannot be fully enjoyed by the public for free, the practice of cheating took advantage of being a homework assignment for the government to act gives strict sanctions, reducing the privatization of public goods by the private sector.


Public goods, private goods, people, policy

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