Hilman Mahmud Akmal Ma'arif, Baiq Ulva Rahmawati, Muh Kamil
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The global economy keeps the wheels of the economy turning and countries are starting to assemble regional groups to keep up with the flow. The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is a form of realization of the free market in Southeast Asia that was born from the cross-regional association of countries. This article describes the dynamics of the economy in ASEAN which includes the economic community, its opportunities, and challenges. This article is examined using one of the concepts of international relations, namely regionalism integration. Because in this study the author sees the AEC phenomenon as an idea formed with an integral geographical background in the Southeast Asian region. The AEC's orientation is to form a highly competitive economic area with many policies, consumer protections, and various agreements to create competitive economic conditions. This article is reviewed through qualitative research methods sourced through books, scientific articles, news, and others.


Dynamics, Economy, Liberalism, AEC, Free Market.

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